Reduce Staff Workload

Improve Patient Care

Bill Insurance For It

How Can Remote Patient Monitoring Help You?

Reduce Unneeded Phone Calls and Office Visits With Remote Monitoring

Studies show that hospitals can reduce the time and costs associated with unneeded visits, phone calls, and post operative complications by 30% when they use remote monitoring to track a patients recovery.

Remote patient monitoring: what impact can data analytics have on cost? DOI: 10.1145/2534088.2534108

Billing For Remote Patient Care

Physicians Can Generate $300,000+ For Qualified Remote Monitoring Services

CPT Code

Training & Onboarding

CPT code 99453 offers reimbursement for the work associated with onboarding a new patient, setting up the equipment, and educating the patient on using the equipment. The average national Medicare payment for these services is $19.46.

CPT Code

Programmed Alerts

CPT code 99091 will reimburse for professional time dedicated to monitoring services and does not require interactive communication like 99457 to bill. The average national Medicare payment for these services is $58.38.

CPT Code

Treatment Management

CPT code 99457 covers the first 20 minutes per month of RPM services a month requiring interactive communication. The average national Medicare payment for these services is $51.54 (non-facility) and $32.44 (facility).

CPT Code

Ongoing Treatment

CPT code 99458 would be used to bill for an additional 20 minutes of RPM services requiring interactive communication in a given month. The average national Medicare payment for these services is $51.54 (non-facility) and $32.44 (facility).

Easily Customize Any Protocol

Protocol Editor

Easily create questions you want patients to answer, allow patients to upload photos, and send reminders about important dates with our drag and drop protocol editor.

Decision Trees

Automatically send patients questions, appointment reminders, and messages based on specific times or answers to questions with our easy to use drag and drop decision tree editor.

Patient Dashboards

Quickly identify patients at risk of a complications and reduce unneeded office visits with reports that make monitoring patient communications quick and easy.

Plug & Play Technology

Send Your Patients Home With Devices That Easily Sync With Your Remote Monitoring Apps

Easily collect vitals and other important information from patients outside of the office by sending them home with clinically accurate wearable devices that easily integrate with your remote monitoring applications.

A Private & Public Marketplace For Sharing Remote Patient Monitoring Programs

Private Marketplace

Share proprietary remote patient monitoring protocols and apps with colleagues within your organization or department to improve patient care and increase profitability.

Public Marketplace

Share your patient monitoring protocols and apps with the global healthcare community to improve patient care and earn a commission from hospitals that use your app.

Machine Learning Analyzes & Acts on Common Patient Trends

Idenitfy post operative complications earlier, improve patient care, and reduce healthcare costs with PatientDx's machine learning platform. Powered by IBM Watson, your patient data is analyzed in real time to identify new at risk patients faster.